Building Specifications

River’s Edge Building Specifications

River’s Edge offers more than 60,000 square feet of continuous exhibit space alone with 24-foot ceilings and easy on-grade load-in access.

Room Specifications

Please note that due to the irregular shape of some rooms, the total square footage and dimensions listed may not be exact.


RoomGross Square Footage Dimensions (Feet)Ceiling Height (Feet)
Glenn Carlson Hall16,000114 by 140 26
Terry Haws Center A16,000117 by 142 24
Terry Haws Center B15,620110 by 142 24
Terry Haws A and B31,620142 by 234 24
Terry Haws Center C26,000108 by 166
98 by 79

Herberger Suite

RoomGross Square FootageDimensions (Feet)Ceiling Height (Feet)
Herberger Suite4,28380 by 5610
Coborn Room1,13827 by 3810
Fandel Room78026 by 3010
Helgeson Room71827 by 2310
Marsh Room83727 by 3110
Metzroth Room81027 by 3010

Opportunities Suite

RoomGross Square FootageDimensions (Feet)Ceiling Height (Feet)
Opportunities Suite3,884108 by 36.510
Alexander Room75426 by 2910
Bell Room75426 by 2910
Clarke Room59427 by 2210
Edelbrock Room59427 by 2210
Weidner Room1,18827 by 4410

Stockinger Suite

RoomGross Square FootageDimensions (Feet)Ceiling Height (Feet)
Stockinger Suite3,12052 by 6010
Mitchell Room78026 by 3010
Schilplin Room78026 by 3010
Swisshelm Room78026 by 3010
Whitney Room78026 by 3010

Wilson Suite

RoomGross Square FootageDimensions (Feet)Ceiling Height (Feet)
Wilson Suite1,32033 by 4010
First American Room72633 by 2210
Thielman Room 59433 by 1810

Board Rooms

RoomGross Square FootageDimensions (Feet)Ceiling Height (Feet)
Board Room A 39026 by 1510
Board Room B39026 by 1510
Board Room C 52923 by 3210